About Us

AAA Metal Scrap Removal is a Canada owned Company whose core business is providing household and commercial metal scrap removals FREE of charge in the Toronto and surrounding areas. The Company has grown to become a leader, and the largest privately owned company in the GTA Household Metal Removals Industry. We provide special training to our staff and adherence to documented procedures ensures our standards are maintained at the highest level at all times.

Our dedicated team will ensure that your metal scrap are removed safely. In case of heavy machinaries removal, one of our moving specialists can visit your location during the planning stages to discuss your removal requirements in detail, offer advice and arrange a FREE pick up.

Shortly after we arrive, you’ll get an honest and trained staff, and with your signal, the scrap metal removal will begin. Our friendly team will move quickly and efficiently, picking up and hauling off scrap from wherever it is on your property. What’s more, our team will clean up the area before it leaves at some nominal charges making sure your property looks much better than it did just hours before.

We collect all grades of nonferrous scrap metal, which includes Aluminum, A/C Coils, Alloys, Brass, Batteries, Cans, Copper, Cores, Electric Motors, E-Scrap Insulated Wir,e Lead Radiator,s Stainless Steel, Zinc and other general scrap metal.

We are dedicated to providing quality metal removing services to residential properties and businesses located throughout Toronto and surrounding areas. We welcome you to become a part of our family by allowing us to help in clearing your clutter thus cleaning our landfills.

Over the years, Scrap metal removal services have saved millions of dollars of scrap from piling up in Canada’s landfills by recycling and donating scrap whenever possible.

Scrap Metal Pickup Includes

Free Metal Air conditioners & Refrigerators
We provide a FREE pickup of Refrigerators and Air conditioners any where in Toronto and Greater Toronto Areas.
Free Metal Washer and Dryer
Our staff will pick up your wahser and Dryer absoulutely FREE. We also provide the dismentaling services with some nominal charge.
Free Metal Exercise Equipment
Our experienced staff will come and pickup any heavy house hold or commercially used excercise equipment FREE of cost within one hour of confirmation of booking.
Free Metal Water Heater and Electric Motors
Free pickup of water heater or electric motors is available within Toronto or surrounding areas.
Free Metal Old Computers and Accerssories
We also provide a FREE pickup of computers, although the time of pickup depends upon number of computers to be picked up.
Free Metal Other General Scrap Metal
Any other house hold or commercially used heavy machinery will be picked up FREE of cost.

Cities We Serve
Ajax Metal Scrap Ajax Metal Scrap Service
City Ancaster Metal Scrap Service
City Aurora Metal Scrap Service
City Barrie Metal Scrap Service
City Bowmanville Metal Scrap Service
City Brampton Metal Scrap Service
City Burlington Metal Scrap Service
Etobicoke Metal Scrap Etobicoke Metal Scrap Service
GTA Metal Scrap GTA Metal Scrap Service
City Guelph Metal Scrap Service
City Hamilton Metal Scrap Service
City Kitchener Metal Scrap Service
City Lindsay Metal Scrap Service
Markham Metal Scrap Markham Metal Scrap Service
City Milton Metal Scrap Service
Mississauga Metal Scrap Mississauga Metal Scrap Service
City Newmarket Metal Scrap Service
City Niagara Falls Metal Scrap Service
North York Metal Scrap North York Metal Scrap Service
City Oakville Metal Scrap Service
City Oshawa Metal Scrap Service
City Peterborough Metal Scrap Service
Pickering Metal Scrap Pickering Metal Scrap Service
Richmond Hill Metal Scrap Richmond Hill Metal Scrap Service
Scarborough Metal Scrap Scarborough Metal Scrap Service
Stouffville Metal Scrap Stouffville Metal Scrap Service
City Thornhill Metal Scrap Service
Toronto Metal Scrap Toronto Metal Scrap Service
City Unionville Metal Scrap Service
City Vaughan Metal Scrap Service
City Waterloo Metal Scrap Service
City Whitby Metal Scrap Service